David Masters Brain – Farmer.

This story on the life of David Masters Brain is the second last in this series of essays on the Brain Family Pioneers. It is primarily based on objective evidence sourced from the New South Wales Land Registry Services, the State Archives of New South Wales, the National Archives of Australia and Trove, the National Library of Australia’s repository of digitised newspapers.

My cousins Allison and Russell Brain however, have precious first-hand knowledge of David and Annie Brain’s lives from when they lived together at Glenambra, near Deniliquin. I understand that Allison and Russell will in due course share that knowledge with us on this Blog.

While researching the Brain family over all these years I have maintained regularly revised chronologies of all the skeletal events upon which the flesh for these essays has been cultivated. I am happy to share these chronologies. The Brain Family in the Riverina chronology is 36 pages long. If anyone would like a copy I am happy to send it by email. Please contact me if you would like details of the other chronologies.

This essay about David can be accessed via the link below. I have tried to keep the size of the file to a minimum but, with my limited technical expertise, I was struggling to get it down past it’s present 1.46 MB.

Thank you for visiting the Blog and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this story about my grandfather, David Masters Brain.

Essay No 5 – David Masters Brain – Farmer copy







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