Cilla’s Photo

Cilla recently sent the fantastic photo below for inclusion in the blog with the following comments:
Harvesting Oats, bumper crop, I think that’s why the photo was taken.  My brother David has the Bulldog tractor in his shed and occasionally is taken to old machinery rallies.  My father drove it from Murrami to Coleambally and I think it took about 10 hours or something ridiculous.  That tractor put in some hard yards!!  If you notice on the left hand side you will see a seat over the mudguard.  Dad would sit us on this seat and drive us to school when the dirt road was boggy!  There was no way we were going to miss school, he thought education was everything.  Lucky DOC’s didn’t know about it….
Virginia learnt to drive in the Austin truck, which is now buried at Coleambally.  It too should have been restored, however that’s another story.
Just thinking how may people were employed on farms in those days.  Bag sewers etc, header and tractor drivers, now the tractors/headers drive themselves and everything is guided by satellite!


Thank you Cilla.

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